On this page, you will find the information for the goings on in my specific classes. If your child has another fifth grade teacher for a particular subject, please see that teacher’s wiki page for information.

  • Teachers will no longer be opening the 5th grade doors for anyone except when the bell rings for students to enter in the morning. Please use the front entrance when coming to school.
  • The cost for the classroom dues comes to $14.00. Please send it in as soon as possible.

Math: Students in my math class are using a new math program Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Math Expressions. This new program will help to better prepare your child to meet the National Math Core. We have been exploring area and perimeter of polygons. Starting next week your child is to be completing 2 - 15 minute sessions of Compass Learning each week. They can access Compass Learning through the link: https://www.thelearningodyssey.com/

Reading: Students that have me for reading will be using the Daily 5/CAFE model for instruction. I will be reading the novel The One and Only Ivan aloud and modeling strategies which the students will apply to their book clubs. They are being assigned written response prompts every few days that are answered with their books. In addition, the Battle will be launched tomorrow. I will be creating individualized plans with each child to ensure they succeed in accomplishing their battle goals.

Writing: In my writing class, we have established norms of what our class should look and sound like for the most productive experience possible. The boys have journals that will be completed at home and due on a specific day each week. The boys have chosen their favorite draft from Special Person, Special Place or Special Time. They have completed their final drafts and have recieved their grades. We will be moving on to writing descriptive paragraphs this week.

Social Studies: Students are using the Social Studies Alive! program this year. The students in my class will have Mr. Haines for social studies. We will begin taking a look at the Bill of Rights and the basic rights and freedoms of the American People. In addition we are going to learn about the Core Democratic Values that are ideas that people have about how to live and act in the United States.

Science: Students are working in small groups to research different body systems and presenting the information to the class in the upcoming weeks. We discussed a format for collecting and organizing our information, what is plagerism, and appropriate sites for collecting information. The majority of this project will be completed at school. Students will need a flashdrive for easy sharing of their information. Notes were to be submitted this week electronically and returned for corrections or additional information to be added. Students were then to choose a site from my Science page on the wiki for creating their actual projects. Students must include an activity of some kind with their projects.

Important Information:
October 15-16 - MEAP testing
October 28 - Battle of the Books Launch / Media Center
October 31 - Halloween Assembly 1:30 pm
November 5- No School/ Records day