Word Sorts


Word Sort

fe > ves










Explanation of Sort: I sorted these the way I did because: In no changes deer you wouldn't add es at the end nor with sheep. I sorted fe > ves the way I did because like for wolf you have just one wolf but wolves mean more then one. And for vowel change its like fe > ves but it changes the vowel like for tooth it goes with teeth bout it changes the vowels instead of the two o's its the two E's.

Story: "EEKK" cried a woman behind the village "it's a saber tooth tiger" she yelled. Everyone ran to where Endive is everybody protected their kids from the tiger "run for your lives" even deer and sheep that were by ran too. Dave shouted who is Endives husband slowly Endive walked away from the tiger foot by step. The tiger was trying to be nice but Dave wasn't.

A few minutes later Dave came charging out the house with spears and other dangerous weapons. A farmer near by heard about the news he came running with his pack of wolves with another farmer named Bob walking carrying knives and a cowboy Jake was carrying loaves to get the tiger back where it came from . The tiger was not a ordinary tiger it was a nice tiger that no one could under stand.
"Stop" yelled a young girl named Katy " don't kill kitty purry I under stand that you think its going to hurt you but it won't I see it in her eyes" Katy says very quiet but quiet enough for you to hear. " We have to kill it its about to eat my wife" Dave yells back he charged at the tiger and slayed her "No" says Katy crying "no".

Ten minutes later Katy's parents come running out to see what happened. Katy still sobbing from her lost she knew that Kitty purry was not going to kill she was going to help Katy's dog ran out to comfort her. Everyone started to yell at Dave "How could you do this to my only daughter she loves animals and she has her own secret that she can see what animals are going to do" Katys mother yelled out.

A few minutes later it was very quiet out quiet enough that you could hear mice squeak and geese honk. Katy and her parents walked home same with everyone else but the farmer went back to the farm to get their truck so they could get the tiger aka Kitty Purry out the village and into the wild where she was from for the others see what happened.

The next day was fall leaves had fallen onto the ground Katy woke up on the sunny morning still thinking about Kitty.Snickers her dog woke up right next to Katy next to her "Snickers your the best dog I could ever have you comfort me when I'm sad and you snuggle with me when I'm to sick to go to school or outside to play" she said to Snickers. Katy got out of bed not going to put her clothes on but to her parents room Snickers followed her there.

When she reached her parents room she woke her mother up and started to cry in her shoulder "mom will Kitty Purry be okay out in heaven?" Katy asked "I don't know I don't know".

To Be Continued